Our Action 1.1 project, which took place between 14 - 21 November 2008 in Istanbul, focused on “Violence Against Women” which is both a universal and a national problem. While going through this topic, arts was employed as an active tool of self-expression by our 31 young participants coming from United Kingdom, Lithuania, Malta, Holland and Turkey. Our main objective was to share ideas and experiences about the precautions taken and processes followed in the partner countries.

     We had the opportunity not only to handle this issue academically in our university but also to use the energy of the university youth in our school, where youth is the centre for everything. We worked together with the Faculty of Fine Arts. Theatre and Plastic Arts were the basic elements for the art workshops. Our partners came from different working areas (arts, youth work, sports, etc.), which was a great advantage for us to look into the issue from different perspectives. Being able to use the facilities of our university; our partners experienced a very high quality project, while our students experienced a very significant first step to the youth work.



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