The Prep Class of the School of Foreign Languages is compulsory for the students of the faculties of which the medium of instruction is English but optional for the students of the faculties of which the medium of instruction is Turkish. Foreign language education in Prep Class is prepared in accordance with European Language Framework (CEF). The Preparatory Program has been accredited by Pearson Assured. 

English I (İNG 121) and English II (İNG 122) are the compulsory courses for those who will be instructed in Turkish in the degree programs in their first and second academic semesters. Students are offered elective courses to improve their competence in English and/or can choose another foreign language course.

We offer foreign language courses in Maltepe University Continuous Education Centre (MASEM). We have had e-learning since 2009-2010 Academic Year Spring Semester.

There is also a cooperation agreement between Maltepe University and Salem State University and Royal Language Training.


Our mission is to educate individuals who are self-confident, creative, able to interpret academic publications in English, and constantly improve themselves, question, believe in team work, have internalized ethical values and are preferred for their foreign language knowledge and ability. We also aim at bringing our students to a level at which they can easily follow their courses, keep up with the scientific and technological developments following the publications in English with the ability to interpret and translate them and be able to communicate in professional, cultural and social environment.


Our vision is to be a School of Foreign Languages that has unquestionable prestige among similar institutions and gives education on the most advanced level by means of innovative and creative methods in foreign language education.